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Welcome to Drogadictos Anónimos website, which was constructed for the purpose of making available to anyone who needs it, basic but essential, information about the work of this association. Here you will find specific information and experiences, reflections of members of this association, that through the practice of our recovery program have found a different way of life, with freedom an conscience. We hope that this tool achieves its objective of informing and helping those in need.

We have over 20 years helping people recover from drug addiction

We count with 7 facilities located in the states of New York, Florida, and Colorado.

We annually receive approximately 1000 individuals and help over 200 people permanently at any given time.


To help recover individuals suffering from substance use, focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual condition as a whole; contributing to the individual’s social reintegration in a dignified and efficient way.


To become a model program that continuously improves the recovery of drug addicts and establishes self-sufficient communitarian centers in areas of need.


Dignity, Honesty, Unity, Service…

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Group "Manhattan"

Manhattan Group

Group "La Mision"

Group La Mision

Group "El Rincón"

Group El Rincon, recovery, drugs,anexo,home

Group "Gratitud"

Group "Valle de Vida"

Group "Unidad"

Group "Mision II"


The Peer Outreach activities in New York, Florida and Colorado extend to:

  1. Over 60 communities of high drug incidence and poverty are visited yearly by our members.
  2. Speaking engagements arranged weekly with various faith based organizations, schools and institutions.
  3. Telephone warm lines are in operation seven days a week.
  4. Special community events such as health fairs etc…