To help recover individuals suffering from substance use, focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual condition as a whole; contributing to the individual ‘s social reintegration in a dignified and efficient way.



Conscious that drug addiction is a health problem and not something to be ashamed of, we strive to recover our dignity; first by assuring that we operate mainly in a volunteer basis, without the use of unacceptable treatments or punishments. Also, by offering an amicable space, healthy foods and carrying out recreational activities of recovery that characterize a fraternal atmosphere, inducing self-esteem and a sense of belonging.


The program on which our recovery is based encourages us to be honest in all aspects of our life, as a fundamental base to liberate us from the use of drugs. Our actions should be performed with true transparency in order to reach the prevention and rehabilitative intentions that so many individuals like us need.


We are convinced that fomenting the unity and good will between each member of this association will not only fortify the work we have carried out but will maintain the practice of our effective principles. We constantly create activities that involve our members; where experiences are transmitted and joys shared in order to maintain the feeling of comradeship and true friendship.


To become a model program that continuously improves the recovery of drug addicts and establishes self-sufficient communitarian centers in areas of need.


Our mutual aid spiritual program, encourages us to transmit this message in the same way we received it: free of charge and without personal gain to other people who suffer from the use of drugs. We are a community that empowers our members to continue with their recovery while following our principles of gratitude, helping others in need.